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We Regret to inform that due to COVID circumstances our upcoming LAN and LOL Tournament have been cancelled. We apologize to our members and those wishing to attend, we are deeply sorry.

Call of Duty: WARZONE - Local Seasonal

150+ Locals have been skrimming and practicing in order to compete in the local seasonal Call of Duty: Warzone competition. The event will take place over the course of four weeks operating two days of every week and playing three games per day. This equates to 24 Games Total, the winner will be decided by both the highest ranking Team Points and a Top Player by means of Kills.

Past Events

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In 2018 GEVGA held its first online tournament sponsored by our local Pizza Hut which attracted over thirty spectators on Twitch and 16 players competing for a cash prize!


In 2019 GEVGA Held its first tournament in the local Pizza Hut attracting a crowd of over 70 spectators and 32 players with Reward and Prizes to be won!

LAN Party

In 2020 GEVGA held its first LAN Party in which over 50 locals came together in the Central Hall with a BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer) Format.

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