GEVGA LAN Party 2021


We Regret to inform that due to COVID circumstances our upcoming LAN and LOL Tournament have been cancelled. We apologize to our members and those wishing to attend, we are deeply sorry.


GEVGA are proud to announce that after a long hard year of struggle and setbacks we are back to host our Second GEVGA LAN Party which was due to take place in 2020 and had to be cancelled due to circumstance.

The LAN will take part over the course of three days, Friday to Sunday and will be open twenty four hours as from Friday 15:00. GEVGA LAN Parties as with most worldwide are a BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer/Console) Event in which players get together at a 'hall' or 'centre' and play together. They take part in competitions, mini tournaments and fun games/skrims. It is an opportunity for players who only know each other in the digital world to meet and socialise in real life! It helps build a community and puts faces to the gamertags you play with day in day out, players ask each other for tips and tricks, get a chance to show off their amazing gaming rigs and overall just have a great time (For those who already know each other, it is a great way to spend your weekend in the company of other gamers!).

Stay tuned and watch this space for further updates relating to the GEVGA LAN Party, in 2019 we welcomed approximately 40 Players and a total of 60 guests over the course of the weekend on short notice, this time we hope to welcome many more players to experience what gaming is all about. Gaming is more than just logging on to play every evening, it is a place where we make friends, support and compete against one another, learn together and most importantly have FUN!

Gaming is a much more rewarding experience with good friends so come and Join Us!

Step 1
Read the Rules

Step 2
Message an Admin via Whatsapp

Step 3
Once you have contacted an Admin make payment as instructed with the required details provided

Step 4
Show up and enjoy a weekend of 24hour Gaming!



Entry Fee: £30

If you are interested in joining us Register today, payments can be made via Revolut direct to our Admins, via Bank Transfer or Paypal. Contact Us via Whatsapp to Confirm your spot!

Whatsapp/Revolut - +350 54003630 / +350 57065000 / +350 54029446
(Please Message Us via Whatsapp and Introduce Yourself, Remember to Add Your Name to the Transfer Note)

Bank Account Details: 20001438
Sort Code: 60 83 14
IBAN: GI21GIBK000000020001438

PayPal - Instructions will be posted soon

Everyone attending, including members of staff (if applicable) will have to either present a valid vaccine card or proof of a lateral flow test taken no later than 24 hours prior upon entry to the event.