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In reference to the CWG News found here

Gibraltar has been invited to compete at the inaugural Commonwealth Esports Championships (CEC) in the Regional Qqualifiers battling it out against; England, Northern Island, Scotland, Wales, Guernsey, Jersey, Isle of Man, Malta and Cyprus!

GEVGA would like to reach out to all local players who are interested in competing in the local qualifiers to further represent Gibraltar at the CEC to sign up below.


Open Category - Team Based 5v5
Women's Category - Team Based 5v5

Rocket League

Open Category - Team Based 3v3
Women's Category - Team Based 3v3

e-Football 2022

Open Category - Solo
Women's Category - Solo

Athlete Requirements

For Athletes born in a Commonwealth country that has common citizenship/passport with other Commonwealth countries, the athlete may initially represent either the athlete’s Commonwealth country of birth; or the Commonwealth country of birth of their father or mother that shares the same citizenship/passport.

After having represented one Commonwealth country at the Commonwealth Championships, an athlete may not represent another Commonwealth Country unless they receive the approval of the GEF and the national Esports Federations of the two Commonwealth countries concerned.

The recommended minimum age of participation is 16 year old. however, if the athlete is considered a minor in their nation, the National Esports Federation will need to submit a parental consent form for the participation in the regional playoffs and the CEC 2022 should they qualify. The athlete must be accompanied by an adult for the travelling segment.

Women-only events: participants in the women-only events will need to provide a national identification card or similar documentation. Documentation and information received will be kept strictly confidential.

All National Esports Federations and athletes are expected to uphold the values of the Global Esports Federation and act in good sportsmanship.

Registered athletes must be in good standing with the game publisher, and not have any account suspensions, bans or pending investigations.

Local Sign Up Information

Athletes from Gibraltar can show their interest for participation to the local qualifiers by signing the contact form below or visiting -

Fill in the Form below and we will contact you ASAP.

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