2001 - LAN Party Gibraltar


In 2019 GEVGA held its first LAN Party which welcomed over 60 guests and 40 players at the Central Hall over the course of a weekend. It was the first meeting for GEVGA Members to get together and game and a LAN environment.

"A Local area network (LAN) party is a gathering of people with computers or compatible game consoles, where a local area network (LAN

LAN Parties have been held in Gibraltar as early as 1998/9, where Clan *GiB* spearheaded by our Committee Executive Jonathan Guerrero would host weekend long events at local venues and halls. Local and Foreign Clan Members would spend a weekend in what was a meet and greet for some enjoying gaming sessions and barbecues and creating an environment which made gaming more than just gaming.

We hope to keep bringing LAN parties to our members and the local community to help explore a different more sociable side to gaming beyond our screens. You can put a face to the name you've been playing with for a long time and find yourselves learning about other relevant topics such as computer building tips from other players as you check out their rigs or discover new ways of gaming. All of this whilst still maintaining a competitive environment playing in tournaments exclusive to those in attendance.